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  • 'Juwanna Mann' 'Memba Them?!
    New York City actor and writer Miguel A. Nunez Jr. is best known for his role as the out of work basketball player Jamal Jeffries -- who dons drag and takes on a female alter ego to infiltrate the women's WUBA professional basketball league -- in… Permalink
  • Miami Dolphins Converting Stadium Into Drive-In Theater, Social Distancing!
    This looks AWESOME!! The Miami Dolphins have announced they're converting Hard Rock Stadium into a drive-in, outdoor theater ... so you can watch live events, movies, etc. from your CAR!! And, the mock-up photos look pretty cool! "[Hard Rock… Permalink
  • Actor Richard Herd, Mr. Wilhelm on 'Seinfeld,' Dead at 87
    Richard Herd -- who played George Costanza's Yankees boss on "Seinfeld" -- has died. The veteran actor -- who's possibly best remembered as Mr. Wilhelm on the hit sitcom -- passed away Tuesday at his home in L.A. due to complications from cancer.… Permalink
  • Little Tony in 'Escape To Witch Mountain' 'Memba Him?!
    Texas child actor Ike Eisenmann was only 13 years old when he shot to stardom after taking on the role of the harmonica playing orphan alien, Tony -- who uses his psychic abilities and cunning kid smarts to find his way home -- in Disney's 1975… Permalink
  • Alyssa Milano Shows Off Crocheted Mask, Notes Filter Inside
    Turns out Alyssa DOES have something underneath to keep the 'rona out -- there's a filter inside ... which she just pointed out to her followers. She tweeted out the update, saying ... "Mask has a filter in it for f**** sake. A carbon one. My mom… Permalink

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  • Cannes 2019 Festival Coverage
      Dailies during Cannes about the festival / Dailies about the market PHOTOS FROM CANNES VIDEOS FROM CANNES 12 newsletters THE DAILIES   Cannes Film Week : From December 2 to 8, Cannes films came to Buenos Aires! Cannes films' world tour continues with the Buenos Aires Cannes Film Week from December 2 to 8 2019! The "Semana […]

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  • 2020’s Short Film Fund Finalists announced
    TWO Short Films Will Be Commissioned This year we have expanded our film fund to award two production grants. One short will receive the maximum cash grant of $15,000; the second will receive a grant of $5,000. 2020 saw the highest number of submissions since we started our Fund in 2016. The quality increases year […]

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  • aS iT'S: Call for exhibitors and attendees
    Hey 🙂 We're working to debut a makeshift space/store and membership-based digital platform to allow creatives to present work the way they want. One month from our launch, on September (if the current situation gets better, that is), the company will be hosting full day touring events related to film, music and fashion for the […]

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